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Not only am I slightly hangover from a night out with friends. But my back seems to have started to act up and hurt whenever I bend over

Holy Crap

I thought my bank card was stolen today!

But when I was getting my card canceled It had shown that theres no new transactions soo my card probably got lost somewhere in the house and Im gonna end up finding it after my new card comes along -_-.

But thats a relief knowing that nobody is wasting my hard earned cash on things like an Xbox 360 or anything. The only one wasting my money is ME and ME alone!
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Grr and Arg

I just found out today in work that  for the rest of the week I'm gonna be delivering mail to one of the most feared and hated towers in the area. Where thugs deal there drugs(Lol that rhymes) and also where people have been murdered or commit suicide and the elevators are in such bad shape that the doors can just barely open and sometimes gets stuck shut <_<; and its a 16 story tower with 160 homes aswell so it takes a while to deliver all the mail there v_v. Im not in for a happy week my friends wish me luck.

What Chakra Are You?

You Are the Root Chakra
You are down to earth and stable. You are aware and alert in all aspects in your life.
You are compassionate and connected to other people. You enjoy spending time with others.

You are comfortable with your body and very agile. You are coordinated, if not athletic.
You take good care of your health and your body. You enjoy being physically active and eating healthy foods.
I did Jenny's chakra quiz thing.
  I cant help but think that its a bit off though. Do you think Its right?

PS3 on the Net now

Well while cleaning out the room Ben and I found a spare Ethernet cable long enough to connect the PS3 to the Net :D

Ive tried playing MGS4 online after an hour and a half of uploading and installling and my god the people are cheap when fighting against them (I wish the radar would detect enimies as well as friends)

But enough of that

Ill play LBP Jenny with you want to now. Leave me a comment and I'll friend ya or something

Only problem is that to play the PS3 online I'll have to dissconnect the computer from the net ;3; (Gotta get WiFi)

Games are fun!

So I shall write a review on one... Even though I got close to no friends on this site and I hardly ever use it.  -_-"

Soo what is the game I shall review? Why its Sonic Uleashed for the PS3.

STORY (spoilers)

It starts off with Sonic stoping one of Eggman's crazy plans for making his Eggmanland <_<". But along the way Eggman ends up breaking the world apart with the Chaos Emeralds and releashing some kind of planet sized beast named "Dark Gaia" that lives in the planet. But for some reason Dark Gaia dissapeared scattering itself around the world and therefore giving Sonic the powers of the Werehog 8O! Sonic meets this little flying dog thing that has no idea who he is... Soo Sonic being the nice guy he is names him "Chip" (because the little guy likes chocolate chips) and takes the little guy along with him hoping that while Sonic is fixing Eggmans mess he will remember who he is. Along the way they save Tails from minions of Dark Gaia and then Tails informs them of someone who might know how to put the planet back together named Professer Pickle but Eggman kidnapped him! So after saving Professer Pickle he says that there are temples around the world which Sonic can put the Chaos Emeralds into which will bring the planet back piece by piece. So away they go to fix the planet. While Sonic and friends are doing this Eggman is plotting a way to bring Dark Gaia back into one whole being and use him in order to power up his Eggmanland. Soo Sonic and friends fix the planet but are too late because Eggman brought Dark Gaia (Who is quite ugly by the way) back and Dark Gaia taken Sonic's lycanthropy and then tried to defeat Sonic but then Eggman loses control of Dark Gaia and Sonic then beats Dark Gaia( Who has now become much more ugly then before) with Super Sonic. Soo the world is saved the end.

CHARACTERS (possible spoilers)

Sonic the Hedgehog
We all know this guy he likes to run fast and stop Eggmans plans. And dont think that because he can become a Werehog that his personallity changes because it does'nt at all.

A little freaky flying Chihuahua thing that likes to eat sweet things. He basically acts as Omochao giving you advice on things you already know. He is actually "Light Gaia" and after Dark Gaia breaks the world apart every billion years or so Chip goes and puts it back into place.

Doctor Ivo (Eggman) Robotnik
He does'nt really need an explanation either his the bad guy that tries to take over the world and fails every time. In this game he has kinda become a more comical bad guy instead of his evil self from past games where he was willing to kill Amy in SA2 in order to get to Sonic. He even has a little robot companion that just gives no respect at all therefore adding to Eggaman's comical appeal.

Sonic's good friend who flies Sonic around the broken world with the Tornado.

Professer Pickle
Some old university professer and archeologist that knows about how the world gets broken apart and how its fixed. He also likes cucumber sandwiches.

Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend. I have no idea why she is here in the game?


The game has two styles of play. Sonic's daytime stages with are pretty much like SA2's 3D platformer gameplay and Sonic Rush's 2D sidescrolling gameplay rolled into one. Its fast and simple to control like what a Sonic game should be like. Then theres Sonic's night stages which is based on combat, using Sonic's long werehog arms and finding swithes in order complete the stages. There not bad the combos are simple to do and the enimes arn't really that strong once you know how to beat them and rings will help Sonic fill up his life guage like Tails in SA2. Once in a while you will come across a QTE (Quick Time Event) which will require you to push the right buttons in time in order to find ring filled areas beat bosses and enimes. There is also a level up feature in the game like in RPGs you beat enimes to gain EXP and can use the EXP to make Sonic faster or the werehog stronger and learn new combos.


Like Most Sonic games on home systems the graphics on the environments and characters are fantastic and very well detailed. Never a problem with graphics when it comes to Sega.


The music is nice, catchy and upbeat and sound like thay were made by an orchestra and not some rock band music like past games. very few soundtracks will annoy you're ears(Like Jason Griffiths trying to do a werewolf howl).


If all you Sonic fans were dissapointed by the past Sonic games and thinking that Sega has totally buggered up the francise beyond repair then this game will suprise you because its not as bad as it seems. Its much easier to control its much more colourful and bright even in the night stages the music and tunes are delightful to hear and for someone reason reminds me of an episode of Superman -_-? The only bad thing that I have to say is that the story is awful like Sega is stealing ideas from idiots on It sounds like some fantards sorry excuse for trying to get a frontpage on Newgrounds and Chip is there the fans "original" fan character that becomes the key character for the plot and becomes Sonic's BFF and Chip is needed to help save the world. That and I feel that instead of making Sonic a werehog for combat stages they could have used another character like Knuckles to do the fighting and help Sonic and friends save the world. Other then that I'd say its worth getting If you bare the thought of Sonic the werehog and horrible howls.

Merry Christmas >:( this is my happy face

Merry Christmas to all my friend on LJ

Not long up I cound'nt sleep much due to the fact that for the past 3 weeks Ive been waking up at the break of dawn to deliver all you're christmas cards and presents that you're not in you're house to sign for.

But enough of that Ill tell you what Ive gotten so far.
From Mummy: Shirt and neck tie with thousers (Or pants if you want me to go all american on you)

And also an awesome little romote control helicopter thats soo hard to control right now but were getting better.

Ill update on what other gifts Ill get later on ok.

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I got a DS emulator to work and Im now playing RnR3 REDU JOKAHH

Now I a gotta do is somehow learn japanese :(

Maybe I should get a MMSF1 rom to relive the fun I had with my IRL MMSF1 (And totally get screenprints of Geo/Luna stuff ;D)